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  • Chito Garc

    TO REDUCE CARBOHYDRATE AND FAT ABSORPTION > WITH CHITOSAN AND GARCINIA > SATIETY-ENHANCING Chito Garc is a 100% natural product designed to contrast fat absorption…

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  • Red Burner

    Thermogenic based on advanced mushroom studies.

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  • Garcinia Caffè Verde

    Toning, metabolic support and antioxidant action.

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  • CLA Plus

    Advanced formula with conjugated flaxic acid, carnitine and chrome.

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  • Fucus T

    Contains 4 natural extracts combined for stimulating the metabolism.

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  • Red Stack

    Dietary product specifically designed to trigger body fat metabolism.

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  • Red Dren

    Red Dren combines dandelion and orthosiphon, known for their beneficial properties for body fluid drainage.

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