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    Giovanni Randazzo is a bodybuilding champion within the 70 and 75 kg categories collaborating with KeForma.

    Giovanni’s competitive career started in 2011 by winning the 1st place in Hp-3 category during the San Cataldo (CL) challenge. In 2013 Giovanni won the 3rd place at the Sicily Classic and Siracusa Regional Championships lightweight category for 75 Kg.

    2013 has been a very important year for this athlete. After attending the Regional Championships, Giovanni attended the Italian Championships held at Rome reaching the 5th place. He also won the 2nd place at the GP of Trinacria.

    After reaching these great results, Giovanni is motivated to obtain even more important goals to be attained only by extra work and sweat.

    The next year he attended the Italian Championships of Rome were he got to challenge many of his idols. During this competition he reached 3rd place together with lots of compliments from the same athletes he has always admired on bodybuilding magazines.

    Thanks to this achievement Giovanni gains more confidence in himself and starts training for the 2015 Championships with only one objective in mind, win. At Rosolini, during the Regional Championships he reaches the 1st place becoming the Regional Champion in 70 Kg category.

    This is not all… after a few months, during the National Championships of Cesena Giovanni becomes the Italian champion of his category.
    After reaching so many achievments and having attained ecellent physical health Giovanni dedided to attend the World Championships in a new category, “Easy up to 75 kg”.

    In spite of the many challenges encountered during the World Championships competing with international athletes and dealing with a new category, Giovanni’s sacrifices were worthwhile and enabled him to reach the 1st place, the greatest of the many achievements he won during that year.


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