We have interviewed Nicola Casadei an enduro mountain bike athlete sponsored by KeForma. He is one of the strongest italian riders of this sport and during the 2017 season we will see him on the Enduro World Series circuit together with his new Team CMC Cycling Experience Team members. Hi Nicola, welcome to this meeting organized together with KeForma’s friends.
Tell us about your career up to today…
After starting your mountain bike experience what are the most important goals you have achieved?
Hello KeForma it’s my pleasure to be part of this. I started when I was 12 years old riding a downhill bike and obtained some important results like the 12th place during the junior World Championships at Rotorua NZ, I won two Italian Championships and after a 5 year break I started enduro mountainbike achieving good results right from the start.
In 2015 I won the Italian Enduro Cup and became part of the top 30 Enduro World Series rankings.
Is there a competition you remember with fondness?
I remember dearly the 2015 La Thuile race… I was running fast all weekend and during the whole competition I was number one, then on the last part of the race I had to battle against with Francois Bailly-Maitre.
In the end I crossed the finish line in second place but I am still pride of my race. I pushed myself to the limits all the time!
And one you would like to completely forget about?
The 2016 Canazei race…. unfortunately I broke my meniscus and knee ligaments ruining all the season.Nicola Casadei during the Enduro World Series in New Zealand
What are your 2017 goals?
My goal is to become part of the EWS top 20, being competitive in every race of the season.
How do you schedule your day?
I usually train in the mornings and other days during the afternoon. Five days a week I ride the bike and two days a week I go to the gym. I also schedule a well deserved resting day during the week.
When not riding the bike, who is Nicola?
I try to be friendly with everyone, I like joking and getting to know new friends.
Cycling and supplements… What are the main aspects to be considered on these topics?
It’s very important to include supplements both before and after exercising, especially when you train every day. How did you get to know KeForma and why did you choose our supplement products?
I got to know KeForma thanks to my trainer and I liked them right from the start.

Is there a KeForma product that you cannot do without?
Yws, Orovit 150 and Biomag.