Triathlon: when and how to nourish yourself by using KeForma’s recommendations

Is triathlon your sport? Follow KeForma’s recommendations on how to achieve the best food supplement intake before, during and after physical activity.

As you are exercising, both during a competition or training, it’s very important to follow the recommended food supplement intake in order to maintain the energy levels needed during the workout.

Each KeForma food supplement has been designed to release the right nutrients in the moments when our body needs them the most and that is why it’s advisable to follow the time table below.

It’s also important to follow every recommendation pertaining food supplements before, during and after physical activity.

Do not underestimate the warm up BEFORE training and most of all the recovery AFTER exercising in order to help the body regain the strength lost and getting ready to face the physical exercise planned for the next day.

Click on the pictures corresponding to the specific sport listed in the table in order to download the complete PDF that includes all KeForma’s recommendations on how to combine food supplements to exercise.


protocolli di integrazione per il triathlon
Do you practice sports like cycling, jogging or gym workouts?

Discover KeForma’s food supplement recommendations, dedicate yourself to these sports and download the form specifically designed for: CYCLING, RUNNING, TRIATHLON.