About us

Aqua Viva Ltd. Company

Aqua Viva srl is a Farmaceutic Institute located at San Marino producing dietary supplements.

Thanks to the company’s winning mindset, staff experts take care of detailed scientific researches and carefully select ingredients for the production of dietary supplements.

Another reasons for KeForma’s product line success are the strong collaborations with the best international athletes, sport lovers and nutritionists who test the products and verify the ingredients scientific validity.

Powerful dietary supplements

The KeForma basic dietary and sport supplements contain very specialized ingredients prepared for sport lovers and athletes of all walks of life.
Products are safe and effective based on certain scientific studies performed by following the most up to date and technological concepts needed for the extraction of vitamins, antioxidants and available bionutrients.

Products and mission

KeForma’s mission consists in the production of dietary supplements that boost the athletes and sport practicers health. KeForma dietary supplements are supplied in Italy and many other European countries. During the passing of time these products have received important acknowledgments on behalf of many professional sport clubs and internationally renowned athletes.

All KeForma products – protein, amino acids, slimming, energetic, vitaminic, antioxidant – are produced internally at our lab by our scientific teams who carefully choose thier ingredients. The staff’s expertise, proficiency and skill guarantee the production of successful and quality products.

Protein, amino acids, slimming, vitaminic-antioxidant: these are the different products designed by KeForma dedicated to sport lovers of all levels. Careful ingredient selection and product testing are KeForma’s winning formula for high quality results.

Why choose KeForma?

During sport performances KeForma is an ideal partner

  • KeForma produts are completely manufactured within our factory equipped with production system certified ISO 9001 (DNV certification).
  • Within the pharmaceutical lab are 24 cleanrooms.
  • Every production phase undergoes a full inspection with related product traceability.
  • International suppliers of ingredients with protected geographical indication.
  • Production and preservation are performed in an enviroment equipped with temperature and humidity control system..
  • Effective formulation and dosage tested by scientific studies.
  • Partnership with the department of food science of Bologna University.
  • Partnership with sports medicine and nutritional biology opinion-leaders
  • A complete product line of supplements designed to meet sport demands. All supplements are doping free and gluten free.

Certified ISO 9001

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KeForma production

Laboratory overview