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Advanced formula with conjugated flaxic acid, carnitine and chrome.

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Advanced formula with conjugated flaxic acid, carnitine and chrome.
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Gluten free

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> 1065 mg OF CONJUGED LINOLIC ACID > ACCELERATES MUSCLE DEFINITION > CARBOHYDRATES AND LIPIDS METABOLISM   Advanced formula with conjugated flaxic acid, carnitine and chromium, active on carbohydrates and lipids, useful in controlling body weight and maintaining lean mass: CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a fatty acid found almost exclusively in food of animal origin. This acid is involved in the transformation of fats into energy to support metabolic processes. The released energy is available in physical form, to give vigor and strength. CARNITINE is a natural cell constituent, playing a fundamental role in the use of fats. It is the only substance that fatty acids can use as a carrier to cross the mitochondrial membrane to reach oxidation. The oxidation of fatty acids reduces the peripheral use of glucose, thus increasing the cells energy availability. CHROME is a trace element, essential for humans: it is one of the GTF (glucose tolerance factor) components, a complex type part of the physiological mechanisms that regulate blood sugar homeostasis. Useful for supporting the physiological metabolism of sugars.
More Information
Activity Endurance, Power, Wellness
Characteristics Gluten free, Lactose-free
Consumption Before
Sport Fitness, Gym, Running
Packaging 90 perle
Doses and ways of use 2 pearls per day during main meals.
Gluten free
for 2 pearls%NRV
Ac. Conjugated Linoleic1068 mg
L-carnitine 400 mg
Chrome160 mcg 400
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