MCT gel Integratori per lo sport - KEFORMA Integratori per lo Sport
MCT gel Integratori per lo sport - KEFORMA Integratori per lo Sport
MCT gel Integratori per lo sport - KEFORMA Integratori per lo Sport
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Energy gels, MCT LINE


Immediate energy recharge.

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Immediate energy recharge.
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Gluten free

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Logo MCT Line Keforma MCT GEL is an energy concentrate with MCT (medium chain triglycerides), L-carnitine, betaine, green tea, ginger and beetroot juice. Sweetened with Stevia. Its innovative formulation guarantees immediate energy and contributes to the saving of glycogen reserves.
  • Immediate energy
  • Rapid absorption
  • Saving glycogen reserves

MCT C8-C10 Medium-chain fatty acids

MCTs allow a significant supply of energy with a remarkable speed thanks to the ability to be directly absorbed independently of the secretion of bile and pancreatic juice, after absorption they are directly sent, through the portal circulation, to the liver where they are rapidly metabolized. At the cellular level they are directly conveyed to the mitochondrion where following beta oxidation they will provide energy both by participating in the Krebs cycle and subsequent oxidative phosphorylation, and by contributing to the formation and use of ketone bodies. Their intake also favors the use of long-chain fatty acids, favoring the overall lipid metabolism.


Moisturizing and volumizing substance capable of optimizing hydration processes, synergistically with betaine. It is particularly useful when carrying out prolonged endurance activities, especially if practiced in climatic conditions which involve a conspicuous loss of fluids. Once metabolized, glycerol exerts an interesting ergogenic effect, a hepatic level its catabolism is mainly used for the formation of glucose, useful as an additional source of energy.


Carnitine favors the entry and consequently the use of fatty acids at the mitochondrial level for energy production with a synergistic effect with that of MCTs, contributing to the optimization of energy metabolism based on use of lipids.


Plant-derived nutraceutical extracted from Beta vulgaris (chard) with interesting ability to promote the mobilization and hepatic use of lipids, it also shows significant ability to promote hydration and the entry of nutrients at the cellular level. Its use contributes to the improvement of performance in endurance athletes by counteracting the negative impact of dehydration.


Vegetable nutraceutical useful in promoting digestive activity and in countering nausea, a common phenomenon during the execution of physical activity, especially if prolonged, which often compromises the athlete's ability to feed in competition.


Easy digesting carbohydrates that allow a constant supply of energy while maintaining a relatively stable glycemic profile. The balanced consumption contextually to the MCTs allows an important energy supply by exploiting all the main channels used by the body in the production of energy.

Sodium and potassio

They represent the ions most lost with sweating, their level is very important for maintaining performance.

Vitamine C

Water-soluble vitamin with a remarkable antioxidant effect. It participates in the synthesis of numerous substances and in the energy metabolism.

Beetroot juice

Extremely interesting food for the nitrate content, used by the body as precursors of nitric oxide; promotes vasodilation and consequently the transport of oxygen and nutrients in the muscles. Its consumption is related to the prolongation of endurance and work capacity during the practice of physical activity.  
More Information
Activity Endurance
Characteristics Gluten free, Lactose-free, Stevia
Consumption Before, During
Sport Cycling, Swimming, Running, Cross country skiing, Tennis, Triathlon
Packaging Display box con 24 monodose da 30 ml
Doses and ways of use Take a single dose of 30 ml per day
Trademarks NEOBEE®
Gluten free
Valori mediper 100 mlper dose (30 ml)
EnergiakJ 1271kJ386
Kcal 305Kcal 93
Grassi19 g5,7 g
di cui acidi grassi saturi0 g0 g
Carboidrati32 g9,7 g
di cui zuccheri5,4 g1,6 g
Proteine1,2 g0 g
Sale0 g0 g
Contenuti mediper 30 ml%VNR
MCT6 g
L'carnitina500 mg
Betaina100 mg
Tè verde200 mg
Zenzero50 mg
Vitamina C70 mg88
*VNR: valore nutritivo giornaliero di riferimento (adulti) ai sensi del Reg. EU n.1169/2011
Water, maltodextrin, medium chain triglycerides (MCT), stabilizer: glycerol, apple juice, L-carnitine, acidifier: citric acid, thickener: xanthan gum, emulsifier: polysorbate 80; green tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze, leaves) dry extract tit. 95% in polyphenols and 65% in catechins, flavoring, betaine, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate; ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc., rhizome) dry extract tit. 5% in gingerols, sweetener: steviol glycosides, beet juice.
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