Single-dose gel with a high dosage of collagen, glucosamine and centella.
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      Product description

      HYDROFLEX COLLAGEN is a single-dose gel food supplement with a high dosage of collagen, glucosamine and centella.

      • High dosage of collagen
      • Reduction of osteo-articular problems
      • Post-traumatic recovery

      I performant® (hydrolyzed collagen)

      Primary structural element of bones, cartilages, tendons and ligaments. Hydrolyzed collagen, both as small collagen peptides and as single amino acids, is rapidly absorbed by the small intestine.

      There are studies that highlight the absorption of amino acids and peptides from the small intestine through three transport mechanisms. Through the blood vessels, hydrolyzed collagen arrives in different tissues of the body such as bones, joint tissues, muscles and skin.

      Vegetable glucosamine

      Vegetable form obtained from the fermentation of Aspergillus niger, it is the main precursor of chondroitin-sulphate.


      Plant used in phytotherapy as a remedy to combat venous insufficiency and capillary fragility.

      Vitamin C

      It maintains the normal function of the bones, promotes the production of collagen which is the main constituent of the fibrous part of the bones and cartilages.

      Vitamin B1

      Vitamin with coenzyme action, essential in energy production processes.

      Vitamin B6

      Essential coenzyme in energy production processes, supporting the nervous tissue.

      Vitamin B12

      Like vitamin B1, vitamin B12 (riboflavin) plays a fundamental role in the synthesis of all energy processes.


      Gluten free

      additional information

      Consumption After, Before, During
      Activity Welness
      Type Gluten free, Lactose free
      Objective Fitness
      Confezione 10 monodose da 35 ml
      Dosi e modi d'uso Assumere 1 monodose da 35 ml al giorno
      Gusto Lime
    • nutritional information

      Apporti medi per dose (35 ml) %VNR per 100 ml %VNR
      Energia kJ 351 kcal 83 kJ 1002 kcal 236
      Grassi 0 g 0 g
      di cui acidi grassi saturi 0 g 0 g
      Carboidrati 9 g 27 g
      di cui zuccheri 1,3 g 3,8 g
      Proteine 10 g 28,6 g
      Sale 1,2 g 3,4 g
      Tiamina (Vit. B6) 13 mg 1136 36 mg 3257
      Vitamina B6 2,2 mg 157 6 mg 429
      Riboflavina (Vit. B2) 1,4 mg 100 4 mg 286
      Collagene 10 g
      Acerola 160 mg
      di cui vitamina C 80 mg 100
      Glucosamina 500 mg
      Centella 200 mg
      di cui asiaticoside 40 mg


      Acqua, collagene bovino, maltodestrine DE19, succo concentrato di mela, addensante: glicerolo, glucosamina cloridrato, centella (Centella asiatica (L.) Urb., parte aerea) e.s. tit. 20% in asiaticoside, acerola (Malpighia glabra L., frutto) e.s. tit. 50% in vitamina C, aroma, conservanti: sorbato di potassio, benzoato di sodio; addensante: gomma di xanthan, acidificante: acido citrico, cloruro di sodio, edulcorante: sucralosio, tiamina cloridrato (vitamina B1), piridossina cloridrato (vitamina B6), riboflavina (vitamina B2).

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    • The definitive answer to joint problems.
    • Health and Wellness
      It contributes to cell protection from oxidative stress.