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    KE ONE

    Low sugar high-protein bar with MCT.

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      Product description

      KE ONE is a protein bar with chocolate coating and protein flakes with caramel layer low in carbohydrates and sugars. It represents a new approach in the protein nutrition of athletes: whey and soy proteins make the product extremely digestible while the lipid component is represented by MCT NeoBee® medium chain fatty acids.

      MCTs increase metabolism by promoting the consumption of long-chain lipids (storage fats).

      • Protein bar 60 gr / 212 kcal – 33% protein
      • 3 grams of mct neobee®
      • High in fiber (28%)
      • Coverage crunchy chocolate

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      The consumption of MCT favors the physiological use of lipid substrates, demonstrated in vivo by numerous researches, this translates into a consumption of LCT long-chain fats, with an improvement in the lean fat mass ratio.

      The selected NEOBEE® medium chain triglycerides allow a significant supply of energy thanks to their immediate bioavailability: they bypass the digestive system and being transported immediately after intake to the portal circulation pass into the mitochondrion and are used for energy purposes in the Krebs cycle / oxidative phosphorylation and in the formation of ketone bodies.

      (MCTs rapidly cross the blood brain barrier making energy substrates available at the level of the CNS and are useful for cognitive function).


      Gluten free
      Gluten free
      Palm oil free
      Palm oil free

      additional information

      CategoryBars, MCT LINE
      ConsumptionAfter, Before
      TypeGluten free, Palm oil free
      ObjectiveBasketball, Basketball, Body building, Cross country skiing, Cycling, Fitness, Functional training, Gym, Rugby, Running, Swimming, Tennis, Triathlon
      Confezionedisplay box with 30 bars of 60 g
      Dosi e modi d'usoduring the day as a snack or after training.
      GustoCreme caramel, cookies, chocolate, strawberry yogurt

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    • nutritional information

      Apporti mediper 100 gper barretta (60g)
      Energia1467kJ/353 kcal880 kJ/212 kcal
      Grassi13 g7,8 g
      di cui acidi grassi saturi11,3 g6,8 g
      di cui MCT5 g3 g
      Carboidrati18 g11 g
      di cui zuccheri3,1 g1,9 g
      Fibre28 g17 g
      Proteine33 g20 g
      Sale0,35 g0,21 g


      Protein mix (whey protein, soy protein), chicory fiber, milk chocolate flavored coating [sweetener: maltitol, vegetable oils and fats (coconut oil, cocoa butter), milk proteins, (low- fat cocoa 10-12%, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, flavorings, Salt]; bulking agent: polydextrose, soy protein flakes (soy protein, tapioca starch, Salt), MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), butter cocoa, cocoa powder *; color: carminic acid **, flavorings, Salt, sweetener: sucralose. *present in the cocoa flavor; **present in strawberry yogurt flavor Allergens: see ingredients in bold. May contain nuts.

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