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Lugo (RA)




The Italian swimmer Fabio Scozzoli specialized in breaststroke technique is one of KeForma’s athletes who has won many European and Word competitions. We would like to ask a few questions about your career as an athlete. I started swimming at the age of 7 when my mother and sister, after some real struggles, threw me into the water! From that moment my passion for swimming was ignited and now at the age of 28 I love this sport more than ever! Among the most important results achieved are without a doubt the first gold medal during the 2010 European Championships, the double silver medal at the 2011 World Championships, the London Olympic final (even if a little disappointing considering I was worth the platform) and the gold medal I won in 2012 at the World Championships of Short Course Worlds. In total I have won 15 European Championship medals of which 10 gold, and 6 World Championship medals, of which 1 gold.

Is there a competition you remember with fondness?

At Windsor, Canada, on December 2016 I was able to win the first place during the 100 Breaststroke World Championships. This was after my 2013 injury.

And one you would like to completely forget about?

Without any doubt the one on September 2013 when I broke my cruciate ligament as well as meniscus. KEForma: What are your goals for 2017? I was able to qualify for the Budapest World Championships and this was my first objective. Now I want to continue working hard in reaching my best times and possibly improving them!

How do you schedule your day?

I wake up at 7 am, eat breakfast, from 7.45 to 10 am I go to the swimming pool. Lunch is at 11.30 am, i take a little nap… then from 2 to 3 pm gym and up to 5.15 pm I get back in to the water. I have supper at 7.30 pm and at 10 pm max 10.30 pm I am already in bed!

Who is Fabio outside of the swimming pool?

A motorcycle and especially car lover. At times I participate to some amateur kart endurance races as a team together with two of my friends. I also like spending time together with my girlfriend, our families and my two nephews.

Swimming and supplements. What are the main aspects to be considered on these topics?

Among the different types of sport, swimming requires a lot of training both in and out of the pool. This is why it’s important to have a good and controlled diet and at the same time take dietary supplements to provide for the huge amounts of nutrients needed by our body when sustaining this type of training.

How did you get to know KeForma and why did you choose our supplementary products?

I got to know KeForma years ago thanks to my nutritionist Alessandro Magnani who has been advising me for nearly 10 years now. He always added to my chart many KeForma products thanks to their great variety and quality!

Is there a KeForma product that you cannot do without?

I have to mention two products I cannot do without: the first one is KeDurance, a supplement for post race/training. The second one is Kyoram 1000, fundamental amino acids for muscle anabolism, and especially important for catabolism prevention!
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