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Gianluca Pozzati is a promising young Italian triathlon athlete in partnership with KeForma.

Tell us about your career, when did you begin, and what is your relationship with triathlon competitions as well as your best achievements?

My triathlon career started many years ago when I decided to participate for fun at some of the children competitions often combined with adult competitions to which my father used to take part. During the years I practiced many different types of sports but the more triathlon competitions I attended the more I enjoyed myself and that is why during the years my efforts and dedication increased towards this sport which has now become my career. This year I have reached the third step of the podium during the Olympic distance Italian championships and I have also seized the first step during the ITU competitions.

Is there a specific race you remember with fondness?

One of the races I remember with fondness is the 2017 Italian Championship 2+2 relay race won together with the 707 team. Cutting the finishing line in first place was a great experience for me and all the team; this race format transforms triathlon in to a team competition and it has been an amazing feeling to share the joy of winning this Italian award together with my team.

Is there a race you would like to completely forget about?

I wouldn’t know, maybe I have already forgotten about it.

What are your 2018 goals?

2018 marks the beginning of the two-year triathlon olympic training qualifications with the objective of selecting the best italian athletes that will participate to the 2020 Tokyo olympics. So my 2018 goal is to do my best to fulfill this dream.

What does your daily routine entail?

I don’t have a precise daily routine, I often swim during early mornings and then schedule my other two types of training during the rest of the day.

Who is Gianluca outside of the world of sports and competitions?

Outside of the world of sports and competitions Gianluca is a very busy guy who recently graduated in civil engineering. Even if his sport career keeps him busy he would like to keep up with his studies.

Triathlon and supplements. What are the main aspects to be considered on these topics?

Triathlon is a demanding physical sport and that is why it requires special care when it comes to supplements. During intense training it’s very important to use quality products on which you can count on, like those made by KeForma.

How did you get to know KeForma and why did you choose our supplement products?

When KeForma collaborated with FITRI (Italian Triathlon Federation) I was able to try some of their products and was very happy with the results.

Is there a KeForma product that you cannot do without?

KE-DURANCE for sure.
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