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10 golden rules to build muscle mass

How to build lean body mass or muscle mass? Following some simple rules is enough.

It is always challenging to give the 10 commandments, it’s hard to expect everyone to recognize healthy guidelines that as a matter of fact, need to be always personalized according to the characteristics of each individual.

We therefore give 10 rules useful for increasing your lean body mass or muscle mass in order to achieve a well defined body shape.

  1. Allow your body to recover: it’s not true that more is better, especially when it comes to regularity. Granted it’s possible to train only one muscle per day so that it gets used every 6/8 days, but the organs used by the body to recover as always the same ones and risk being overburdened. It’s advisable to undergo supercompensation periods in addition to very frequent brief training sessions.
  2. Sleep enough hours and well: it’s not only important to sleep 7/9 hours per night but also to ensure high sleep quality. Deep sleep promotes recovery and growth. Sleep should be concentrated predominantly during night ours, an important truth well known by those who work during night shifts, because day-time sleep is poor in quality.
  3. Eat often: there should be at least 6 meals per day, breakfast, mid morning, lunch, afternoon, dinner and after dinner; always use the rule of a 2.5 hour interval between meals. If there is a long hour gap between lunch and dinner it’s important to include two afternoon snacks.
  4. Eat balanced meals: during every meal make sure to include all needed nutrients. Not only proteins but also fats that are great allies as hormonal mediators and provide calories effective in improving recovery.
  5. Don’t train for extended periods of time: hard training sessions and/or exhausting and constant training activity may need to be taken with “a grain of salt”. In some cases they may prove to be valid stimulants but when abused they inevitably bring chronique stress and its related catabolism.
  6. Think positively: the mind is a great ally in order to optimize our metabolic system; positivity helps the hormonal system to recover from the negativity generated by inevitable obstacles and daily setbacks. It’s fundamental to identify our objectives (also short-term ones) that will allow us to enter the gym with a clear mind aware of the good training that lies ahead.
  7. Confide in basic movements: squats, deadlifts, bench and slow movements are fundamental; it’s not possible to build mass by abusing side lateral raises, cross or arms. Devote yourself to these exercises by changing the order, repetitions and recovery methods. There may be times when complementary exercises will be needed in order to protect joints and achieve different types of intensity.
  8. Do not concentrate only on specific muscle groups: it’s important to build a solid foundation and avoid following what many beginners tend to do by concentrating on one or two muscle just after 6 months training.
  9. Use the right supplements: pay attention, do not abuse, simply select the main ones; some good proteins, the BCAA (aliphatic side-chain amino acids) or a pool of amino acids, glutamine, creatine, a joint support and HMB. These are already enough to sustain and supplement your nutrition that needs to follow the right guidelines.
  10. Choose a gym that motivates you: it should be well equipped especially with what is really needed, lots of dumbbells and barbells also 2 rack squats. Usually this type of environment gives the possibility to meet other training mates with which you can share training sessions, objectives and discussions.

There are many other points that would need discussing but if you manage to follow these 10 you’ve made a lot of headway.

Success is built from the foundations by optimizing all its components not only focusing on training and nutrition but also on all contributing factors that allow you to reach your goals.

Arnold used to say that to grow what is needed is “training for the mass, food for the mass and a mind for the mass”.

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