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Hydrolyzed whey proteins: an effective solution during recovery

Hydrolyzed whey proteins, for an effective recovery.

Today, let’s talk about an undisputed reference to the world of sport supplements: the Hydrolyzed whey proteins.

They are, with absolute certainty, effective in improving glycogenic recovery and favour protein synthesis after working out for any type of sport.

As a matter of fact, considering they have been widely used for power and explosive sports, hydrolyzed Whey Proteins are becoming very important also within endurance sports.

By combining them with carbohydrates during post-workout their effectiveness on the glycogen synthesis is increased proving to be excellent also for resistance and long distance sports, all the more so when together with creatine.

Whey proteins have high absorption properties, this powder protein mixture is obtained from the liquid material created as a byproduct of cheese production.

Whey proteins have specific characteristics as follows:

  • high branched chain amino acid content;
  • A high biological value thanks to the presence of essential amino acids;
  • highly digestible it releases a quick postprandial plasma concentration of amino acids.

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