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Which KeForma gel to choose for sporting activity?

All KeForma gels have been designed for athletes… but which ones should you take and when?

When workouts are protracted it becomes necessary to provide specific supplements for achieving the following 3 results: replenishing energy, replenishing salts, replenishing anti catabolic amino acids.

Replenishing energy

Replenishing energy is very important when physical exercise exceeds 60 minutes; in this case it’s necessary to avoiding being “without fuel” when the body is under strain, avoiding the temptation of taking foods that are not recommended for nourishing muscles and boosting the performance.

For this purpose, Ke Forma researchers have developed a carbohydrate gel called EVOGEL. The formulation of this product is practical, easy to be absorbed, it doesn’t cause thirst and does not disturb the stomach (even swimmers use it when they are in the pool).

Evogel contains precious carbohydrates which supplement the body quickly (without altering glycemia), and at the same time have lasting effects during long periods of time.

The first and precious sources are cyclodextrins combined with maltodextrin, fructose and dextrose. Among other “super” evogel ingredients, is a molecule with a great energy value, fructose 1-6 DIPHOSPHATE which creates a real energy flame used for nourishing cardiac and skeletal muscle, and giving the body crucial energy sources for synthesizing ATP during high intensity training.

Replenishing salts

These type of supplements are usually powder salts diluted within a water bottle. Ke Forma labs have formulated an alternative consistency, a gel that doesn’t require lots of space, easily transportable, with a balanced palatable formulation which allows the athlete to hydrate quickly during the performance.

This is how HYDRORACE was formulated, an innovative coconut water based product, a natural substance rich in potassium and magnesium which contains balanced quantities of sodium, calcium, phosphorus and chlorine. This mineral pool is fondamental during cellular processes connected to energy and water hydration balance, they also regulate muscle contraction and nervous system functions.

Gel formulation, is not only easy to carry around (essential for sports like running or climbing) but also guarantees extremely quick absorption times, which are very important when the body is in need without having to drink an entire bottle of water to receive sufficient mineral salts.

Replenishing anti catabolic amino acids

Replenishing anti catabolic amino acids comes into play proportionally to the type of performance and intensity. This supplement is also traditionally formulated as a powder that needs to be diluted within a water bottle or as pills to be swallowed, surely
the gel formulation is much easier to transport, quick to take and doesn’t require large quantities of water to be swallowed or digested.

This is why Ke Forma researches have designed AMINORACE, a single-dose double action gel: for both energy and anti catabolic purposes. Energy is provided thanks to 30 g of maltodextrins and fructose, the anti catabolic effect is guaranteed thanks to 2 g of glucogenic amino acids made up of 3 branched types (Leucine, isoleucine, valine) in addition to glutamine, alanine and glycine.

These help the body in preventing lean mass loss and also maintain alternative energy routes active apart from those derived from carbohydrates.

Gels are effective in providing quick and appropriate body supplements according to the needs that arise during physical activity.

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