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Thermogenesis… How to boost your metabolism

What is thermogenesis? Find out now and boost your metabolism!

I will start dieting from Monday! How many times did we say this, maybe at the beach during the first hot spells as we were hiding our 6 pack within a “winter” belly?

How many times have we bought all the slimming pills available on the market in order to keep devouring appetizers, sandwiches, cocktails, croissants, mini pizzas and cakes?

Lets try to understand more about this subject in order to follow a simple and doable weight-loss diet!

There are a variety of substances to choose from, anti-hunger, anti-stress, stimulants, warming, buffered, insulin-like, anabolic, anti-catabolic, draining, to reduce swelling… etc. etc.!

What is thermogenesis?

Taking thermogenic drugs in order to keep on eating delicious Sicilian cream cakes is irresponsible.

Granted that you are already following a diet recommended by an expert and that you are doing physical exercise, here is some more useful information.

Just to understand each other, if you eat a wild pig and huge quantities of polenta…. you will not solve anything by taking a thermogenic drug because you feel guilty.

Thermogenic products

There are millions of thermogenic products on the market. These help in increasing our basal metabolic rate which as we know is one of the main factors responsible in causing fatty oxidation.

We do not oxydate fats when exercising but when resting!

That is why the best HIIT and Tabata workouts help in increasing epoc, post-exercise oxygen consumption that helps the body to oxydate much larger quantities of fats.

Beyond performing a perfect workout we can help our body by using thermogenic products.

What type of snack should I eat?

Our snack should surely include caffeine, this type of xanthine is enriched with multiple properties: it stimulates concentration and strength, it drains and it is believed to also help a little in alleviating DOMS.

Another substance that goes well with caffeine is theobromine, a cacao plant alkaloid that offers multiple synergistic effects even if they are to be definitely considered minor in comparison to caffeine.

Ginger is a good tonic and SNC neuron stimulator, full of antioxidants a very popular plant used by chinese medicine as an hepatoprotector to cure impotence!

This also works hand in hand with salicin (white willow bark also known as an acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin) it inhibits prostaglandins, the hormones produced by the body for regulating temperature and pain sensitivity.

If you are looking for a diet tip, ginger, should always be added to: carbonara…

How do we then stimulate our sympathetic system?

Using ephedra! Unfortunately it has become illegal in Italy. A similar substance is synephrine, extracted from bitter oranges. It has resembling thermogenic properties but does not cause palpitations. The fruit also contains octopamine which has been discovered to be a norepinephrine forerunner.

To complete the perfect herb extract synergy mentioned above we cannot leave our chilli peppers! Thanks to capsaicin, our body will think it’s on fire even if in reality the temperature does not increase. This substance will cause an adrenaline rush followed by endorphins, natural opiate, a pleasant sensation that goes beyond our basal metabolic rate, right?

I would like to also add some other type of amino acid like tyrosine, a precursor of the thyroid hormone as well as a neurotransmitter, combined with phenylalanine for increasing dopamine and norepinephrine levels and also to help in keeping hunger levels under control and increasing tanning since it also produces melanin.

Taurine, has also become a very popular energy drink ingredient because it is believed to improve the transmission of nerve impulses working like an insulin mimetic, in other words, helping in decreasing insulin production and facilitating glucose and other amino acid carriage. It will not give you wings but it is a great supplement! 🙂

You will not need to eat and walk like a little bird anymore thanks to the above mentioned supplements combined with high intensity training; then you will see results SOONER and they will be BETTER.

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