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10 ways to lose weight and tone up

Many want to lose weight and get fit especially as in preparation of the summer season.

Let’s find out together how we can lose weight effectively by following 10 easy methods that will allow you to get in to shape. Also we will add some information on how to tone up muscle mass.

10 ways to lose weight and tone up are…

  1. Reduce calories: our body’s reaction to a caloric deficit entails the use of fat reserves in order to compensate the drop in energy supply… and we lose weight.
  2. Reduce carbohydrates: these are the ones that stimulate insulin facilitating the increase of fat reserves.
  3. Eat small portions but often: to balance out your metabolism it’s necessary to plan for 6 healthy meals a day.
  4. Exercise: even just 2 training sessions a week are enough, as long as you are consistent. Cardio, especially with an empty stomach is ideal for burning calories!
  5. Increase protein intake: if you desire a slim and wiry body, proteins develop muscles and also act directly on the metabolism by burning fat more easily.
  6. Avoid carbs before going to bed: digestion and metabolism in the evening are always slower: this is why sugars are not burned and fat reserves are formed.
  7. Take thermogenic supplements to accelerate your metabolism. Thermogenics in burning fats.
  8. Essential amino acids and carnitine before exercise. This will help in getting rid of fat reserves and also maintain high levels of testosterone.
  9. Eat fruit and veg in large quantities. Fruit and veg restores intestinal health and helps to detox the body.
  10. Drink lots of water: at least 2 liters per day!

What do we suggest?

The “do-it-yourself” diets… may cause repercussions, even serious at times. Always consult a doctor before starting a new diet in order to be balanced and guarantee ideal energy levels during physical activity.

Take a look at our food supplement session to find products that will help in lose water retention and tone up.

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