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Carnitine: simple or acetylated levorotation?

Here we are talking about an important nutrient like Carnitine, in the form of L-CARNITINE or ACETYL-L-CARNITINE.

To be begin with let’s explain the difference between its acetylated and levorotation form. Both are metabolized within the muscle and later used in transporting fat beta-oxidation promoted on a mitochondrial level, lipid oxidation is also guaranteed to provide energy.

The acetylated form is unique among its kind thanks to its ability in overcoming blood-brain barrier, this not only provides energy but also improves cognitive functions. Many studies performed on elderly people have demonstrated how memory and concentration levels are improved.

This is also true for athletes who may benefit from other properties connected to the acetylated form. The acetylated form works also as a cortisol blocker and as an anabolic steroid which favours muscle growth recovery after post-training damage.

This is why I would suggest taking advantage of L-CARNITINE during pre-workout for energy purposes, especially for workouts longer than one hour or training performed while fasting also within an hour.

I would take advantage of the acetylated form as an energy booster and anti-catabolic in the mornings and evenings before going to bed. Its use is also recommended before workout, as an energy booster and anti-catabolic, and also after workout, if for example the person performs double training sessions or exercises in the morning or at lunch break and then goes back to work where high concentration levels are needed.

KeForma L-Carnitine Products

KeForma has created a well formulated product containing L-CARNITINE (to achieve lipid oxidation and lasting energy), fructose 1-6 diphosphate (for quick energy depending from ATP metabolism) and CoEn Q10 that provides protection for the heart muscles and has been proven to be an effective carbohydrate and lipid metabolism coadjuvant, improving insulin sensitivity of cell receptors and carbohydrate metabolism when under strain.

For intense training while fasting it is advisable to use the acetylated form. For mixed strength workouts, which includes explosive workouts and physical endurance, like team or crossfit sports, FAST BOOSTER is more suitable because it gives the possibility of taking advantage of CoEn Q10 and 1-6 fructose diphosphate for quick energy, improving the carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.

Another product is pure ALC 1200 in capsules or the practical vyal of pure L-CARNITINA 3000 which can be taken in small doses during long endurance races.

Or FORCE 3, a product that contains caffeine in addition to L-Carnitine and Fructose 1-6 diphosphate; this product is useful before a race or during pre-workout, during the race or workout when an extra boost is needed not only for energy but also for concentration and adrenaline (not suitable for those who are sensitive to caffeine and who suffer from anxiety before racing or from hyper adrenaline).

There is a suitable type of carnitine for everyone, now all that is left to do is start training!

Dott. Lorenzo Bergami

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