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Cordyceps: the mushroom with incredible health benefits

It’s called cordyceps sinensis, a tibetan mushroom with incredible health benefits.

Cordyceps sinensis is a very rare mushroom that grows in Tibet at an altitude of around 5000 meters; it’s amazing properties have been discovered thousands of years ago by Chinese medicine.

Also known as the caterpillar mushroom or DongChongXiaCao meaning “winter worm-summer grass” according to some traditional writings this mushroom is an insect during the winter capable to transform itself into a plant during the summer.

This mushroom grows from insect remains and that is why it’s name originates from latin cord (plant) and ceps (head).

Cordyceps Sineniss properties

Cordyceps mushroom extract is one of the ingredients of the Ke Forma Red Burner supplement helping in increasing physical strength during exercise.

Some studies have demonstrated how the use of this mushroom increases ATP levels (Adenosine triphosphate) by 28%. ATP is the main energy source for all enzymatic processes.

Lets see what are it’s incredible benefits for the human body.

Hepatic functions

It considerably improves liver functions thanks to its highly detoxing effects and its ability of slowing down liver cirrhosis.

Kidney pathology

Cordyceps reduces blood creatinine and urine protein levels. It provides essential support for strained, compromised or damaged kidneys by increasing QL which stimulates the production of bone marrow.

Also, it extends the life of transplanted organs reducing the risk of infections.

It enhances sexual functioning

Cordyceps regulates hormonal levels of both men and women increasing sex drive; its properties may also be very helpful for those who suffer from infertility by increasing their cellular vitality.

In case a person is suffering from high stress and taking antidepressants that may compromise their sex drive, cordyceps may be of great help.

Improve your cardiac activity

Tonic and oxygenating for the heart, it seams to improve heart rate for those who have suffered from a heart attack.

Protects during radiotherapy and chemotherapy

During radiotherapy or chemotherapy cordyceps protects and rapairs cellular DNA.

According to numerous studies and tests, it is also very effective for those suffering from tuberculosis, leprosy or leukemia.

Spring fatigue

Thanks to its calming and balancing effect on the nervous system, cordyceps is exceptional in fighting physical tiredness or fatigue during the seasonal changes as well as taxing and stressful periods of life.

It improves sleep quality regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

Seasonal allergies

This mushroom has a strong impact on the immune system by regulating it and becoming useful to those who suffer from different types of allergy like asthma, eczema, seasonal allergies, optical inflammations, etc…

How and when to use it

Advanced mushroom studies have been used by Ke Forma in order to produce Red Burner, a caffeine free thermogenic food supplement enriched with different stimulant and energizing extracts.

When it comes to administration, a daily dose of two capsules a day is recommended before physical activity.

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