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Creatine and sports

Hello everyone, it’s my pleasure to write during the beginning of spring when the desire of reaching the maximum fitness potential is strong! This means starting tor train again more frequently and regularly, gradually increasing its intensity.

It’s exactly during this spring excitement that our muscles are in their best shape after the winter “mist” even if there is a risk of asking too much from our body, facing chronic fatigue, which will make all our efforts useless.

This is when after having improved our diet habits as well as our workout frequency/intensity, we need to supplement the pre-workout phase with something that will enable our muscles to be in their best shape.

With CGT Explosion, KeForma now offers a completely renovated product because it contains well formulated synergistic active substances that result in: + energy, + recovery, + performance!

CGT Explosion contains creatine, useful for recharging ADP molecules that have released energy within the mitochondrion to give more strength during a repeated series of exercise, glutamine, useful for preventing catabolism during workout, taurine, for reducing the oxidative damage done during exercise, enriched with creatine pyruvate, a very powerful substance during strength climax, alanyl glutamine, to replenish the Krebs cycle which keeps the energy turnover in place, completed with beta-alanine, forerunner of carnosine, the most powerful lactic acid produced by our body in order to prolong exertion intensity and I-citrulline, able to increase the production of nitric oxide which allows all the nutrients mentioned above to reach the cells more easily by directly stimulating the micro circle that in turn replenishes muscles more effectively.

On top of this, there is fructose 1-6 diphosphate, a strong inductor of highly energetic phosphorus compounds, and dextrose, which favours the passage of amino acids within cells thanks to the insulin peak produced.

Lastly the formula contains riboflavin, part of different enzymes that catalyze energy reactions described above and pyridoxine for improving amino acid metabolism, without forgetting vitamin C which gives antioxidant protection and increases energy through lipid oxidation.
This question may arise: why should I use them? Do they falsify my performance without making me feel tired?

In reality fatigue comes quickly when our muscles have not recovered 100% and are still strained after previous workouts or by a stressful day.

Let’s remember that vegetarian and vegan athletes are more at risk when it comes to the decrease of creatine levels within muscles; this happens when protein supplies are not sufficient and this is why creatine is an important supplement option for them.

“Cause” means that during our regular life style we find our self diminishing energy stores more than necessary which in turn influences negatively on our performance and exposes us to our breaking point, caused by being “weighed down”.

This is why a well formulated supplement mixture, like the one described above, will allow our muscles to perform to the best of their potential and respecting a physiological and healthy balance.

Dott. Lorenzo Bergami

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