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Endurance sport recovery – Part 2

The second recovery type, the structural one (decisive for professional athletes and amateurs who practice sports for long periods of time without resting), makes use of Arginine and some amino acids connected to it (Ornithine and Citrulline) to improve the organization and restoration of muscle fibers as well as cell walls during the night resting period.

Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid: during normal conditions our organism produces sufficient arginine quantities, but when under stress (traumas, burns, prolonged and intense exercise, intoxication) this amino acid becomes essential and it’s important to make sure the body has the capacity of satisfying its increase in demand.

Its main role is connected to protein synthesis management but not less important is its support in the ammonia detox processes that starts during nitrogen catabolism derived from Gluconeogenesis (energy production derived from Amino acids when sugars are depleted or running out).

Arginine is also a forerunner of Nitric Oxide and Creatine formation in addition to maintaining Growth Hormone levels, a direct metabolite of arginine, a crucial amino acid during the development period and also important for the defence and structural reorganization of the athletes body when under stress.

Doses of arginine and its metabolites inferior to 2 grams are recommended to re-energize sedentary individuals who are facing despondency or recovery difficulties after facing sickness or intoxication. During night recovery for athletes who are involved in prolonged aerobic activities (or even athletes who practice high intensity and prolonged anaerobic activities), a 4 gram dose is recommended to provide other arginine properties that are very important for the athletes recovery and detoxification.

An interesting alternative (valid for athletes who are less active and amateurs who are 50 years or older) is to use supplements that support immune modulation, taken in the morning after breakfast and during the days scheduled for a good amount of physical activity: this product includes arginine but quantities inferior to 2 grams because combined with important levels of Glutamine for recovery and titrated extract of Echinacea and bioavailable Zinc to activate immune modulation and the physiological organization needed by the body for adapting to physical activity.

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