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EVO GEL Ke Fomra: fast-acting energy supplement

EVO gel, l’integratore energetico rapido di KeForma.

The need for a fast-acting, steady supplement with a low impact on the digestive system has been formulated. Modern science is now using carbohydrate molecules (and other ingredients too) through a GEL formula.

This supplement category is made up of various so called GELS even if in reality the are syrups. Those who want to avoid osmolality gastric imbalance may find it hard to calculate the right quantities in relation to the syrups density (this requires taking the syrup with water even if once ingested the supplement will still tap in to the body’s water reserve later).

EVO gel is an advanced gel formulation with ideal density intake levels (also thanks to a partial sublingual absorption). This product offers all the right quantity and quality molecules needed in order to sustain and replenish energy during physical exercise.

In most cases athletes are attracted by supplements containing high doses of carbohydrates per intake, this is a mistake because formulations above 30 g per single dose, especially during a workout, will cause the side effects described above including dehydration and the inability of utilizing to the full the quantities ingested.

High and sudden levels of water introduced within the intestinal lumen may cause side effect like diarrhea. The EVO Gel formulation offers 24 g of carbohydrates per dose, these quantities are easily absorbed; also this supplements molecular composition has been designed to offer synergistic and time release effects.

The formulation contains a START sugar like DEXTROSE, this is the main carbohydrate circulating within the bloodstream (for the body dextrose and glucose are the same thing) and it causes a rapid activation in replenishing energy. The doses of dextrose are not high enough to cause insulin stimulation.

We then find FRUCTOSE: a medium action and fast absorption sugar used directly by muscles and liver without insulin intervention because there is no need of turning it in to glucose. This offers medium rapid energy levels without insulin stimulation.

To avoid an inevitable drop in energy levels after a medium-brief period of time, EVO GEL formulation contains MALTODEXTRIN chain 19, consisting in medium-long starch chains that are activated, as fructose releases energy, without the need of insulin which is always safer not to stimulate, even if it may not necessarily bring side effects during the workout.

Maltodextrins gradually release their energy. EVO GEL formulation is also innovative because composed by different carbohydrates with quick or long term effects like CYCLODEXTRIN. This innovative molecule belongs to the carbohydrates with high molecular weight.

This type of carbohydrate has an helical molecular structure considered as a benchmark dexstrine. These are produced starting from amylopectin through a cyclized branching enzyme reaction (1,4-α-D-glucan).

This clinically studied type of carbohydrate is quickly absorbed and highly soluble promoting fast gastric emptying (removing any gastric related problems); despite this it still maintains a slow release, offering an ideal “fuel” interaction between carbohydrates and the release of free fatty acids.

During a 2013 study performed on cyclists who took a cyclodextrin dose it was discovered that they were able to endure longer when performing extreme physical exercise in comparison to a group of cyclist which used a similar amount of maltodextrins. Similarly the comparison has been done between swimmers performing intervals at 70% and then at 90% of Vos MAX by comparing cyclodextrins and glucose.

Results clearly highlight (in some case 50% and more) the higher time-energy efficiency of cyclodextrins in comparison to glucose and placebo. A significant factor was that glycemic levels stayed much more stable during the entire workouts for the group of teters using cyclodextrins.

We might ask ourselves why EVO gel doesn’t just contain CYCLODEXTRINS, the answer is simple: despite this molecule’s versatility, different types of sugars and starches have distinct types of circulatory systems within the body. So different ways (and also timing).

If a drink contains only one type of carbohydrate, the circulatory system for that type of carbohydrate gets saturated (in simple terms all available spaces get used) and, once full, it becomes impossible to use the other molecules of the same type, because the circulatory “trolleys” are not enough. This hinders and delays the carbohydrate assimilation and digestion.

EVO gel does not only offer the 4 types of carbohydrates already mentioned but it also contains a molecule that for many years has been one of the lead research ingredients of Ke Forma: we are talking about Fructose 1-6 diphosphate, one of the key active glucyds within the energy production cycle, consisting in ready to use phosphorylated sugar.

Before being used for any metabolic process, nearly all sugars are converted in to fructose-6-phosphate through the enzymes called isomerase and phosphofructokinase-1.

By supplying this molecule, our body receives pure power in the form of a rapid energy boost which can be easily used. This is crucial for sustaining ATP synthesis during a brief and intense workout (rapid and repeated jerks or sudden stretches or intense climbs during an endurance race).

Many studies also show how Fructose 1-6 diphosphate positively interacts with the cellular membrane, facilitating the cellular potassium uptake and at the same time stimulating the enrichment of a pool of high-energy intracellular phosphates.

Thanks to this last molecule the synergy-energetic EVO formulation offers one of the most innovative, effective and interesting products part of highly technical solutions designed for enthusiasts who do not want to limit their carbohydrate intake but rather opt for supplements that include a series of energy substrates able to satisfy the refueling demand needed by high level athletes.

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