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Fit for summer

Are you ready to get fit for the summer?

As the summer season approaches our body and mind undergo positive changes. Once weather temperatures become mild, many are faced with the fact that soon they will have to take the layers off, “exposing” their body. This desire to “beautify” ourselves goes hand in hand with becoming “healthier”.

Our weight might have increased during winter time (fat retention during the cold season is funcional; this is because fat acts as a thermal insulator); it’s also natural for our winter eating habits to be more rich in fats and carbs in connection to the holiday season and that is why there may be an increase up to 3/4 kg average.

That is when the so called “bikini test” comes in to play. Spending a month exercising and depriving ourselves of food isn’t the answer, instead a gradual change in habits is what will really help. If we renew our food habits, embrace a new frame of mind oriented toward physical activity and make use of supplements to increase the metabolic system we will bring noticeable changes and help in maintaining our body efficient and healthy.

Exasperation never pays off bringing fleeting results and altering our balance. Confiding in a professional nutritionist to receive practical suggestions concerning our food habits and exercise will back us up and help us make the best decisions. Some main guidelines are easy to identify and could be the first effective step towards a new fitness journey.

Tips on how to start getting in to shape

For breakfast

When it comes to food it would be advisable to lighten up your breakfast by drinking tea instead of milk or choosing skimmed milk. To this combine whole grains, oats are a great option or melba whole grain toast. After adding a little jam you should be ready to go.

As a savoury option, whole grain toast with cold cuts (possibly after removing the fat) is already a great breakfast in itself. Women may be happy with yogurt and dried fruits and oily nuts.

Morning snacks

During mid morning a fruit of your choice should satisfy the feelings of hunger, or if needed you may add some oily nuts at this time of the day.

At lunch

For lunch a simple pasta dish (flavoured lightly) only 4 times a week may be practical (possibly on training days); by combining large quantities of vegetables with this first course many are satisfied even if it would also be also advantageous to add proteins like bresaola, tuna, white meat or fish. During the remaining days it’s advisable to plan for a main course meal coupled with vegetables in abundance.

Afternoon snacks

A classic fruit of choice is ideal during the afternoon or depending on hunger levels and necessity a whole tramezzino ham sandwich or protein bar may be taken as a snack; among the different types of protein bars are the KePRO 30 ones with low carb content and 25% protein (from milk or soya) and only 11.8 sugar content per bar.

Introducing a few specific fatty acids like the MCT ones will generate an interesting mix ideal for producing energy, keeping hunger levels under control and satisfying the palate.

The dinner

In the evening, as a general rule, prepare for your selves a main course which may contain legumes together with animal proteins (egg) in order to increase its organic content. Include a potato or a piece of bread prepared with whole grains and low levels of yeast.

Obviously those who are trying to “keep-fit” will need to make sacrifices when it comes to alcohol and cocktails (to be possibly enjoyed during the weekend); similarly soft drinks are not advisable.


Exercise is fundamental to reach your objectives. It helps “shake up” the metabolism and improve fat burn. By only focusing on food intake reduction (like it used to be done years ago) we may end up shooting our self on the foot. This is because after a little while, restricting our diet becomes tiresome both psychologically and also for our basal metabolic rate, which is not stimulated enough and gradually tends to adjust on low levels.

Exercise promotes lean body mass and the calories burned during this activity also stimulate the creation of new structures; on top of this, what is called EPOC or afterburn allows the body to continue burning calories even after exercise, for quite a long time (in proportion to the training intensity).

So what should be done? There are no one-way solutions, it’s important to keep in mind personal preferences; with the arrival of spring and summer many prefer exercising outdoors (this season has also positive mood effects).

You may choose between jogging or walking (ideal for those who are overweight) or the equally valid bike ride. Why not plan for “interval training”: after 5 minutes of walking or slow jogging you may find a park with gym equipment that will allow you to do 5/6 floor exercises to stimulate the muscles (the classic press-ups, abs, burpees, etc. ..).

After these you may go back to 5 minutes run or bike ride. You may repeat this over and over until you reach 40/60 minutes exercise. A highly efficient training combines these two activities, an anaerobic one which primarily focuses on muscle tone and a purely aerobic ome which helps in improving strength.

To attain muscle toning, the best results are obtained by using machines or weights. When it comes to aerobic training this can always be achieved in doors (by using a treadmill, elliptical bike or spinning bike). Other options are the outdoor exercises like jogging, walking or cycling.

Exercises may be done 4 times a week divided between 2 aerobic sessions and 2 weight sessions. Another option is to exercise 3 times a week, one week with 2 aerobic sessions and 1 for weights, the other week with 2 weight sessions and an aerobic one. There are also group training sessions that mix these two types of training, among these is what is called functional training.

Food supplements

As explained at the beginning, food supplements combined to a healthy diet have an important role in perfecting the metabolic action to reach our goals.

When it comes to food supplements, these contain many types of molecules able to backup physical activity or specific diet choices. Women who suffer from water retention and want to find a way of draining the fluids accumulated within tissues will benefit from a syrup part of the KEFORMA products made with natural ingredients that have a draining and detoxing effect and also fight cellulite toning up the tissues.

RED DREN contains balanced levels of dandelion (known for its draining properties) combined with green coffee (which regulates sugar plasma levels), bromelain (draining and toning properties within subcutaneous tissues), centella asiatica and ruscus (known for their ability of toning blood vessels benefitting microcirculation). Other ingredients are milk thistle, depurative/detoxing and lastly the Shiitake mushroom which benefits blood pressure regulation. RED DREN is a very effective supplement for those who want to counteract water retention and detox.

To improve our metabolism and “wake it up” it’s important to fight water retention as well as using a thermogenic product to burn fats into energy. These products are ideal for everyone thanks to their different KeForma formulations, some contain caffeine and nervous system stimulants other products don’t. Some of KeForma’s thermogenic products are RED BURNER AND FUCUS T.

RED BURNER formulation contains two effective components designed to stimulate our metabolism, caffeine and citrus aurantium combined with willow plant properties. Among other natural ingredients added to this formulation is the hawthorn, wich counterbalances cardiac effects caused by caffeine (not always pleasant). Phenylalanine amino acid regulates the appetite and guggul herb extract regulates sugar levels in the blood and sustains thyroid activity.

FOCUS T formulation does not stimulate the metabolism of the nervous system. This product focuses on helping the body to burn fats in order to produce energy. Thanks to ingredients like fucus algae which is full of iodine the body is prone to weight loss by burning fats into energy; this action is supported and expedited by the presence of biotin.

FOCUS T also tones vessels connected to our microcirculation by reducing the swelling of the joints. These effective results are attained thanks to ingredients like red grapes, centella and omaria. The formulation is also completed by the presence of sodium alginate known for its properties similar to fiber which prevent constipation.

By acting on different systems, these two products may also be combined during an initial stage, only for those who do not suffer from caffeine side effects; this is possible by taking half of the designated dosage for both at breakfast and lunch.

After this brief overview it has become crystal clear how final and physiological results depend on acting on both nutrition and physical activity, which are the necessary pillars in reaching our goals. On top of this, end results will be enhanced by KeForma’s carefully formulated products.

The bikini test is around the corner but, with these simple suggestions and support it will become easy to attain giving lots of satisfaction!

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