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Practicing our favorite sports with hydration and energy

Hydration and energy are fundamental for those who practice sports with passion.

When deciding to practice a sport, independently on or preparation levels or age, we are not just concentrating on the physical aspects but also on our passion and desire to enjoy those sensations that are triggered when we train properly.

To achieve this it’s not necessary to become professional athletes, what is really important is to love the feelings that practicing a sport brings.

But when practicing sports during summer caution is needed

First of all it’s important to keep hydrated and to replenish the minerals lost during perspiration.

Often many mistakenly tend to think that all is needed is water, this mistake is true even if cycling for only 20 kilometers at medium speed.

Studies confirm that only by walking when temperatures reach 30° celsius the body undergoes high electrolysis activity. This is why it’s always advised to bring along a water bottle containing a balanced mix of mineral salts.

The Ke Forma research center has formulated a supplement ideal for all types of athletes with the objective of replenishing lost minerals during their physical activities.


Hydro Fuel contains sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorous. During physical activity sodium is the first mineral that gets depleted and its restoration requires proportional doses of potassium and magnesium; these two minerals are at the base of our muscular contraction in synergy with calcium.

This formula when correctly diluted in water becomes an hypotonic solution which has a lower osmotic pressure; all of this guarantees quick and complete absorption.

Ke Forma’s Hydro Fuel formula is not only designed to replenish minerals but also to provide a small energy supply made up of carbohydrates derived from the perfect mix of maltodextrin, fructose and dextrose. These offer different energy release levels, some of which are quicker, medium or gradual release.

Using this formula to repeatedly replenish the body during a long training session that may last for a few hours, minerals will be constantly replenished. When it comes to energy levels these may require the use of other strategies in order to avoid running out of “fuel” or eating unhealthy foods to replenish our muscles and boost our performance.

This is why Ke Forma researches have formulated a carbohydrate gel called Evogel.


This product has a special consistency. Gel formulation has been chosen because it is highly assimilable, it doesn’t stimulate thirst and has lower gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms (also used by swimmers when exercising in the pool).

Evogel contains special types of carbohydrates known for their quick replenishing properties (without altering glycemic levels) and at the same time they can last for a long period of time.

The first and foremost ingredient is cyclodextrin which combines maltodextrin, fructose and dextrose.

Evogel formulation does not end here! Among other ingredients we find a high energy molecule, fructose 1,6-bisphosphate used by the cardiac and skeletal muscles when the body undergoes high ATP coenzyme consumption training sessions.

Hydro Fuel and Evogel are two precious allies that, thanks to a good supplement of energy and resources, will help your body attain the goals desired fulfilling your passion for sports.

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