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Joint problems, alleviate symptoms thanks to food supplements

Statistics show that around 80% of the population over 50 years has suffered from joint problems.

This situation is often connected to a degenerative joint disease, an illness often called arthritis. For those over 70, records show that serious or less serious cases extend to nearly all the population.

Joint problems: reasons

These problems may be caused by a number of reasons, starting from old age or because of repetitive strain injury, improper movements, sports activities performed incorrectly that may even interfere with posture and plantar support.

It is strongly advised to seek medical professional help in order to analyze the reasons that caused the problem and at times, the very doctor or physiotherapist is the one who advises the patient to take joint pain relief food supplements combined with a different approach to the sport or movement that caused the initial strain.

The condition affecting joints is on average characterized by cartilage problems connected to the activity of cells called chondrocyte; this debilitating activity may increase friction and create “growths” called osteophytes.

Alleviating symptoms thanks to food supplements

All of this creates inflammatory and degenerative problems. It’s difficult to find cures that solve it but it’s possible to alleviate painful symptoms and also improve joint functions.

Molecules that may have a positive effect are glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, together they stimulate the production of synovial fluids lubricating the joints and also having an anti inflammatory effect.

From a structural point of view, by using these food supplements the production of fundamental cartilage blocks is stimulated.

A well known supplement often mentioned because of its positive triglyceride regulating action is fish oil, rich in omega 3 (EPA and DHA). This molecular category is also effective in controlling inflammation thanks to the prostaglandins production.

There is a positive outlook on the potential effectiveness of the use supplements within joint health industry. These studies are many and ever more useful for preventing joint problems during activities that require a repetitive series of movements (repeated micro-traumas) critical factors that may debilitate joint functionality.

Another positive effect for those who choose pro joint molecules is the nearly complete absence of collateral effects, including gastric collateral effects, very common within pharmaceutical medications.

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