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Supplements for functional training sports or WOD

Food supplements are fundamental for every type of training… including functional or WOD sports.

The words “functional training” are more and more used within the fitness environment. In reality this isn’t a new trend because it encompasses different exercises that are often used during athletic training.

What are funcional training sports?

Funcional means “suitable and aimed at something” which is our health, performance, balance or our capacity to take advantage of the body’s full potential within any needed situation.

Let’s add that this sport includes dynamic exercises often practiced together with others, this successful combination is what makes this sport popular. All good but surely not very easy or not even “light” when it comes to physical commitment.

Ke Forma supplements

This is why Ke Forma has formulated supplements that aim to sustain energy levels needed to perform intense WOD training (this is how functional sports are called), the supplement also helps the athlete to obtain higher performances.

To reach these objectives a supplement called a href=”/en/shop/muscle-wod/”>Muscle WOD has been finalized containing a molecular mix especially designed for medium-term and high intensity sports like the functional ones.

The first component is creatine, a molecule that provides multiple functions one of which includes ATP production (intracellular energy transfer), it also promotes muscular toning and at the same time buffers acid lactic production.

This action against acidosis is completed and enhanced by the presence of beta alanine, a molecule that helps the body to fight against the “motor block“ effect, typical during anaerobic glycolytic sports.

Muscle WOD has been formulated to favor nitric oxide synthesis, a very important molecule for tissue oxygenation; to accomplish this the amino acid citrulline has also been added to achieve its energizing properties.

Considering how taxing these training sessions may be it’s important to supplement the nervous system and to maintain high concentration levels; to assist these functions the Muscle WOD supplement contains caffeine and phenylalanine molecules which are highly effective for increasing organic and mental resistance.

Muscle WOD has been designed to be used during training; it contains magnesium and zinc minerals in order to support muscular contraction even during tiredness, also they have an effect on the hormonal production that sustains the immune system (that drops during stressful periods).

To complete Muscle WOD’s energizing effect other ingredients are dextrose and highly absorbable sugar with levels that do not interfere with gyceming fluctuations.

To optimize training and to start the session with an ideal muscle blood flow, Muscle WOD may be taken together with AKG before the training begins. AKG is an alpha-ketoglutaric acid connected to a salt that acts on the production of nitric oxide (similarly to citrulline) a molecule that even during pre workout has the potential of increasing oxygen supplies.

Ke Forma has decided to supply pure and high levels of this molecule in order to allow each athlete to use the amino acid at fast-acting levels that guarantee an immediate effect.

Functional training is a reality that can certainly be dealt with by using the appropriate supplement support that benefits the organism more fully.

Read also “amino acids within functional sports“.

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