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MUSCLE WOD is the food supplement for thow who practice Functional Training

Muscle Wod, KeForma’s food supplement that helps in increasing strength, resistance, concentration…

High intensity exercises are demanding for both energy and nervous systems. After 20/30 minutes the body starts feeling tired.

It becomes clear that the problem is not just lack of oxygen but also the distinct feeling of a decrease of energy supply levels. The metabolic waste produced during high intensity activities is composed by metabolic toxins that start to stiffen the muscles.

When facing these circumstances the solution is not just a simple carbohydrate intake (as much as it may be useful and functional), it’s also necessary to replenish the molecules that are able to supplement the various muscle and nervous systems for regaining tone and efficiency.

KeForma has formulated MUSCLE WOD by following the directions received from the study center and by testing its effectiveness on elite athletes. This is why MUSCLE WOD is a point of reference within the energy/metabolic sector.

The objective is not only to rely on the efficiency of one molecule but to benefit from multifuncional properties derived by a mixture of substances which results in higher real effects if compared to their toric sum.


One of the main ingredients of this formulation are the beta amino acid BETA ALANINE and CARNOSINE molecule which contains beta alanine. This molecule offers many advantages, first and foremost it is able to block lactic acid levels decreasing muscular acidification which tampers with HP levels obstructing proper muscle contraction.

Many studies connect the intake of beta alanine with the increase of physical resistance especially when under high intensity training by increasing Vo2 MAX levels. Results are enhanced by CREATINE, a well known energy molecule that benefits CP (creatine phosphate) synthesis.

With the increase of higher intensity training, beta alanine main properties becomes more and more essential.

This turnover effect on phosphates is not only achieved by creatine; often what is overlooked is that this molecule is also buffering acid lactic; to reach these results it is not even necessary to undergo load periods because the molecule, just like beta alanine, functions beautifully even during intense activity.


CITRULLINE, is part of Muscle Wod’s formulation. This non essential amino acid carries out very important functions. Even if the body is able to produce it, it is not able to synthesize right amounts in a short period of time which is what is needed during high intensity crucial moments.

Citrulline is an essential intermediary within the urea cycle when discarding unnecessary amino groups derived from intense metabolic actions.

It also supports the production of nitric oxide, a very important molecule that promotes capillarization and the subsequent oxygen transportation with the removal of metabolic waste.


Another amino acid included within KeForma’s Muscle WOD formulation is PHENYLALANINE. This AA is many times forgotten but it contains very interesting properties for those who practice sports, especially high intensity training. This amino acid is part of the essential group and that is why the body is not able to produce it. .

Phenylalanine acts on the adrenaline synthesis, one of the main hormones used by the body to alert and defend it; phenylalanine optimizes muscle and mental capacity when facing emergencies, stress or high intensity sports.

During the body’s defence against stress, phenylalanine influences other hormones like noradrenaline and dopamine which function as neurotransmitters influencing sleep/wake rithms, the feeling of satiety and state of mind.

Caffeine is another ingredient part of Muscle WOD formula that positively affects muscles, fatigue levels and the nervous system. This well known molecule keeps being studied in relation to its positive effects during sports.

Caffeine has a psychotropic effect on the body by boosting mental energy and vigilance as well as physical energy, increasing muscle contraction levels.


Within KeForma’s Muscle WOD formulation we also find a percentage of minerals among which POTASSIUM and MAGNESIUM; these minerals are decisive in reaching muscle contraction, for controlling fatigue leves and also work as an essential foundation for the nervous system’s operation.

Their combination also creates a highly alkaline environment that contrasts muscular acidosis, as well as promote and regulate organic PH levels.

The last key ingredient promoting molecular synergy is DEXTROSE able to increase the formulas absorption without creating any glycemic unbalance;

The prerogative of this energy/metabolic supplement is to overcome and prevent performance impasse with immediate effect allowing the body to maintain high intensity levels which are fundamental in reaching the desired kick and goals.


Muscle WOD is a very useful supplement for all high intensity sports like CrossFit and Functional Training in general, it is also ideal for sports that require repeated jerks (basketball, volleyball, etc…) especially when rithms become intense during the match and it’s important to keep energy levels from dropping from one set to the other.

This product works well in combination with other energy based supplements like EVOGEL or other powders and gels that replenish carbohydrates.

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