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Proteins for cyclists

Those who practice cycling with constance know well how important it is to take glucids before racing or training. Many though are unprepared when it comes to protein intake, that contrary to the popular beliefs, does not only help in increasing muscle mass.
Unfortunately popular belief associates the frequent use of proteins within powersports like culturism, but it’s important to understand that they are also fundamental for endurance sports that cause muscles to wear out as well as the loss of tone and strength.

How proteins are made up.

Proteins are very complex molecules, formed by connected amino acid chains.
Through our food intake we introduce these important substances in to our bodies which are disassembled into individual amino acids after reaching the gastric tract, these are absorbed by the blood and carried to the various organs. Following precise sequences the amino acids are later reassembled in to proteins which are necessary for bodys correct operation.

What is the correct protein intake

A balanced diet should include around 15% of calories derived from proteins. In relation to body weight, the protein intake should be between 0.7-1.5 for every Kg of weight. For example, if a person weighs 70 Kg he should take at least 49 g of proteins per day but not more than 105. A balanced protein intake for those who cycle may consist in 1.0/1.0 grams per Kg/day so going back to our example, a cyclist who weighs 70 Kg should take from 70 to 84 grams of protein daily.


Animal proteins have an amino acid profile which is more complete in comparison to plant based proteins. Because of this the first tip is to choose milk based protein products.
At this point it becomes necessary to carefully select which milk protein to take, because there are different kinds: Lactoglobulins are easier to digest and have very good biological value as well as amino acid profile.
Nutri Sion Elite is a KeForma protein product, specifically formulated to satisfy the needs of cyclists which represent a group of its kind on the sports market.
Nutri Sion Elite has a great taste and is made of lactoglobulins derived from whey through pure 94% ultra-micro-filtration. You might ask, what is this needed for? These are the best proteins available with high biological values as well as amino acid profile, easy to digest; Nutri Sion is a great supplement for those who do not want to eat meat every day, for the reasons we have just explained. These lactoglobulins are very rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAA) which are the best solution in fighting muscle catabolism (deline). Nutri Sion Elite is a great pre-race snack thanks to it’s high digeribility and low weight peptide, dipeptide and tripeptide molecules.

When to take them.

There are two times during the day when we advise taking proteins in order to satisfy different types of needs. To avoid muscle catabolism and consequent arduous training or race we advise taking 30 g of Nutri Sion in the morning for breakfast.
If instead you want to reduce your recovery time, take 30 grams dissolved in water in the evening to help in achieving a faster recovery.

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