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What type of supplements do we need before performing endurance sports?

What type of supplements do we need before performing endurance sports? Surely many of us are still uncertain about this.

Pre-workout management has been a hot subject for quite some time and hasn’t been completely resolved.

There are in fact, quite a few schools of thought on the subject:

  • Exquisitely energetic approaches based on carbohydrate and lipid supplements.
  • coenzyme approces that concentrate on substances useful in the optimization of physiological functions related to energy production
  • quello volto a fornire integratori dall’effetto “stimolante” di diverse funzioni fisiologiche come estratti vegetali, singoli aminoacidi etc..methods that offer “stimulant” supplements that have various physiological functions derived from vegetables or individual amino acids etc..

By overlooking the purely energetic approach and concentrating on the role metabolic optimizers have as coenzymes and stimulants, one of the most useful approaches to understand to the full how to manage pre-workout supplementation is to divide and examine, in a systematic way, the nutraceutical instruments available…

Check the supplement protocols available for those who practice endurance sports like cyclism, running and a triathlon.

Amino Acids

Arginine: this fundamental amino acid sustains the body during physical activity, especially if prolonged, according to the nitric oxide production processes, these act as a proper neurotransmitter by fulfilling an essential role in vasodilation and by improving blood circulation when supplementing oxygen and nutrients to the skeletal muscle. It is also demonstrated that it is very useful for disposing of second level waste products during high levels of physical activity.

Glycine: a versatile amino acid that intervenes on the energy metabolism together with group B vitamins, optimizing energy production. This amino acid is also an excitatory neurotransmitter together with glutamate.

Alanine: useful amino acid for supplying to different energy metabolism shortages taking by part in the chain processes related to glucose use (gluconeogenic) and also becoming an intermediate for the next energy production phase, the krebs cycle,

Taurine: amino acid with multifactorial ergogenic effects, it works by stimulating and implementing various nervous system functions that implement other cellular energy functions

Carnitine: useful amino acid derivative that favours the use of fats to achieve energy production, a very interesting factor especially during long term workouts, also important is it’s cardio and neuro protector role, by helping in maintaining high performances during a long period of time

Thanks to a balanced intake of these amino acids energy production supplementation is achieved, depleted reserves are restored and waste products are eliminated. Last but not least, they support circulation and stimulate the nervous system.


Glucuronolactone: a glucose metabolism component, useful during long workouts thanks to its detoxifying properties that remove waste products during energy metabolism.

It is also effective for preventing the depletion and favouring glycogen resynthesis, laying the foundations for an ideal recovery.

Vegetal extracts

Eleutherococcus; adaptogen useful when facing stress symptoms (like physical activity) thanks to its balancing effect between stimulant and relaxing symptoms, benefits are especially evident when the person is able in time to face high intensity training stimulus more and more easily.

Ginseng: adaptogen effects similar to eleutherococcus with higher impact on mental function sustenance and when facing “central fatigue” perception.

Caffeine: well known stimulant able to increase adrenaline and noradrenaline release and obtaining an increase in related metabolic functions, useful for physical activity sustenance and for increasing the ability of “bearing” stress on a nervous and physical level generally increasing performance timing abilities and the body’s capability of using different types of nutrients.

Bromelain: protein derived substance with an enzyme action known for it’s interesting antioxidant, anti inflammatory and proteolysis properties useful for achieving a better waste disposal on a nitrogen level, this waste is derived from amino acid and protein metabolism.

Also in this case by combining different natural substances it’s possible to achieve a series of useful effects in stimulating and supporting the nervous system, an essential element especially during long performances. Not to be overlooked is the support given to the detoxifying professes and in helping to deal with stress symptoms which keeps performance levels high.

The functional combination of all these supplement “families” is extremely interesting for providing support in boosting performances and also preventing a lack of energy production by logically promoting useful processes that sustain our body and help in achieving the best performance level attainable.

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