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Thermogenics and summer cutting

Dear readers, exciting last minute remedies are here for losing even more weight before the summer season starts but choosing the best way for burning fats may prove hard.

Let’s try to clarify what these products are in order to screen theory against practical knowledge and find something that really works as many do during this time of the year.

First of all the mith to dispel is that this type of product burns fats: it cannot happen because there are no miraculous pills able to trigger this type of mechanism directly.

That is why the right term to be used is thermogenic, meaning a supplement able to increase body energy dissipation through its own temperature.

Namely, if we follow the right training routine that works well according to our somatotype and lifestyle, combining it to appropriate rest and recovery periods as well as a good diet rich in fresh, whole foods low in glycemic index, we are able to find thermogenic and other types of nutraceuticals adjuvant fats and sugar metabolism, the best tools for having producing energy during intense exercise phases planned when trying to reach specific goals.

By using these supplements the energy acquired originates from our body energy substrates that after appropriate exercise and a good diet also promotes a toned physique with less body fat.

That is why these Ke Forma products have been accurately formulated in order to suit different body types, lifestyle and diet apart from the somatotype categories: endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph.

We therefore assume that those belonging to one of the three somatotype categories perform physical exercises that aim at the loss of body fats and at the same time follow a ketogenic diet by eating low quantities of saturated fats, carbohydrates in moderation favouring those with a low glycemic index and higher quantities of alkaline vegetables in comparison to products derived from animals that are more acidic (this favours the expulsion of acid wastes produced by lipid catabolism and a decrease of localized lean tissue mass thanks to the drainage of accumulated toxic substances that occurs during weight loss).

The first Endomorph body type needs to activate lipid metabolism by stimulating his/hers thyroid that usually works slowly and causes fat storage within arms, hips and thighs.

A great product combination is the one between FOCUS T and CLA. The iodine within the Focus formulation stimulates the thyroids metabolism and when combined to red grapevine, spiraea and centella low body lymphatic circulation is boosted facilitating drainage and fat bioavailability within the areas more prone to fat storage.

CLA stimulates not only brown fat metabolism BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue), but also promotes muscle tone which is often lacking in people with this endomorph body type.

Ectomorph subjects will benefit from using RED BURNER, this product promotes lipid metabolism without using high levels of caffeine that promote an excessive adrenaline stimulus and as a side effect increase appetite caused by an excessive increase of energy.

That is why these subjects may benefit from the synergy between LIPOICO+NAC products in order to improve their carbohydrate metabolism responsible for fat accumulation on the abdomen; this lipoic product uses the energy provided by sugars and at the same time reduces the risk of fat storage; by adding acetylcysteine, muscle catabolism is also reduced allowing the subject to take advantage of the best metabolic process derived by healthy exercise, diet and rest. Also, on an hepatic level, these two nutrients favour the formation of glutathione, a potent antioxidant that aids liver detoxification by increasing body fat metabolism.

Mesomorph subjects benefit greatly from RED STACK which contains methylxanthine substances like caffeine or theobromine which greatly stimulate lipid metabolism acting as an effective hunger inhibitor thanks to the synergy between phenylalanine and tyrosine together with the action focus has on the thyroid.

When thermogenesis is induced within these somatotype subjects, CLA PLUS increases its potential. CLA promotes lean body mass by favouring carnitine unique lipid catabolism providing an improved fat mobility when expelled by brown adipose tissue (BAT) on an energy level during the daily activities, on a muscular level during aerobic workouts, chrome by improving glucose tolerance, on a cellular level promoting sugar metabolism and on an energy level by hindering the possible fat mass conversion.

Dott. Lorenzo Bergami


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