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Protein, Proteine in polvere


Protein power: isolated proteins of milk serum.

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Protein power: isolated proteins of milk serum.
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Gluten free

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MAXIMUM PROTEIN QUALITY ENRICHED WITH ZMA Nutrision 100% is a supplement based exclusively on ultra-cold-microfiltered lactoglobulins with the addition of ZMA. The Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM) system in a low temperature environment guarantees a 92% pure protein (s.s.), with only 0.3% lactose. In addition, the protein obtained, contains very low amounts of lipids (about 0.5%) for a very digestible product. The high concentration of amino acids, both branched (BCAA) and essential (EAA) with very low assimilation times. ZMA has been added to boost protein synthesis within each dose of Nutrision, ZMA is an enhancer of both anabolic and anti-catabolic functions.
More Information
Activity Endurance, Power, Wellness
Characteristics Gluten free
Consumption Before, After
Sport Cycling
Flavour Cioccolato fondente, Cioccolatte, Crema alla vaniglia
Packaging 900 g
Doses and ways of use 30 g (3 scoops) in 200 ml of water or milk.
Trademarks Volac
Gluten free
Per 100g%NRVper 30g%NRV
Energy valuekJ 1523kJ 457
kcal 357kcal 107
Fats4,16 g1,25 g
of which saturated1,5 g0,45 g
Carbohydrates0,9 g0,272 g
of which sugars0,147 g0,044 g
Protein (Nx6,38)87g26g
Salt0,535 g0,16 g
ZMA1,16 g0,35 g
of which Zinc14 mg140%4,2 mg42%
of which Magnesium217 mg58%65 mg17%
Vitamin C133,3 mg167%40 mg50%
Vitamin E20 mg167%6mg50%
TiamminThiaminea1,8 mg167%0,55 mg50%
Riboflavin2,3 mg167%0,7 mg50%
Vitamin B67,3 mg524%2,2 mg157%
Pantothenic Acid10 mg167%3mg50%
Niacin26,7 mg167%8mg50%
Vitamin A1333 mcg167%400 mcg50%
Folic acid333 mcg167%100 mcg50%
Biotin83 mcg167%25 mcg50%
Vitamin B124 mcg167%1,25 mcg50%
Vitamin D8 mcg167%2,5 mcg50%
Vitamin K125 mcg167%37,5 mcg50%
Ultra-microfiltered lactoglobulins.
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