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Nutrimass Supreme: the Gainer powder proteins

Nutrimass Supreme are “Gainer” Ke Forma powder proteins ideal for those who want to gain weight or as side supplements for different types of needs.

Starting from the 70s within the gym environment protein formulations called GAINER or more specifically “WEIGHT GAINER” became popular for those who find it hard to gain muscle mass.

The product formulation was composed by a protein percentage of around 10-15% (usually derived from calcium caseinate) the rest of the ingredients was sugars and a few fats. This resulted in a very pleasant drink but essentially it was just providing extra calories which the body transformed in to fats and not muscle.

Starting from the 80s other interesting ingredients like keratin were added to these products but only a small percentage.

KE FORMA has expanded the formulation of these products by creating NUTRIMASS SUPREME, an innovative and sophisticated product that goes beyond the objective of helping those who are underweight or those who follow a program focused on building up their muscle mass.


Nutrimasse Supreme formulation is extremely sophisticated designed to be used by all those who practice sports and need to add supplements to their diets that include proteins but also high quality fats, carbohydrates and energy molecules.

Starting from its protein content Nutrimass offers a mix of sophisticated whey hydrolyzed proteins (maximum organic value) and complete proteins derived from milk; this protein mix guarantees both quick and slow absorption.

Likewise the same type of choice has been made by selecting quick activating carbohydrates that contain a low glycemic index together with maltodextrin, cyclodextrin, palatinose to reduce insulin secretion and a the same time have enough provisions to provide a steady release of energy. This promotes a balanced increase in body weight (or energy intake) without gaining body fat and preventing a rush of energy that wears off quickly.

The fats have been selected through MCT, medium-chain triglycerides, guaranteeing an excellent slow-release calorie and energy intake.

The Nutrimass formula has been also enriched with:

  • creatine (energy and anabolic action);
  • glutamine (cell hydrating, nervous and muscular toning);
  • taurine (to maintain concentration and antioxidant);
  • arginine (protein synthesis and synthesis nitrous oxide);
  • citrulline (to provide oxygen to the muscles);
  • branched-chain amino acid (protein synthesis and also anti catabolic).

Nutrimass nutrient supply absorption is optimized by digestive enzymes (bromelain, lactase) together with a strong concentration of vitamin B.

Betaine and zinc are very important because they bring positive action on the neurotransmitters and hormonal production.

To complete the formula Ke Formula has also added milk thistle a highly detoxing and balancing agent.

Thanks to its sophisticated and innovative formula Nutrimass is one of the top products for stimulating lean body mass gain and is also perfect as an afternoon snack; athletes that require a constant energy supply and muscle support combine it to their breakfast as a food supplement in order to take advantage of its precious molecules that promote a high metabolic performance.

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