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Vitamins: health and sport pillars

Why are vitamins so imporant for our health and for those who practice sports?

The word vitamin was coined by the researcher Frenk when in 1912 he isolated an amine capable to prevent the Beriberi sickness. The word vitamin originates from amines of vita (latin for life).

The human body is not able to synthesize vitamins and that is why these need to be absorbed exogenously. The human body can only synthesize small doses of vitamin K and D, often these quantities are not enough to satisfy our basic needs.

Under “normal” circumstances the vitamins needed by our body are supplied through nutrition. Unfortunately due to different factors this may not happen: some of the foods properties are lost (because of conservation etc.) also many people are under stress or practice physical activity. This is why vitamin supplements are not just a trend but a necessity.

Ke Forma has clearly understood this need and that is why the companies researchers decided to take a step further in creating a vitamin combination designed specifically for athletes.

Vitamins for sport lovers

This why ALLVIT products have been created. They contain formulas for ENDURANCE and FITNESS as well as STOP&GO sports (this includes many team sports like volleyball, soccer, basket etc… which require sudden movements, stops and more movements).

This type of supplements is designed for different types of sports.


ALL VIT ENDURANCE is ideal for those who practice sports that require extended efforts during a long period of time, obtained exclusively by good iron metabolism and oxygen levels. The body needs IRON, FOLIC ACID AND VITAMIN B12 as adjuvants and energizers; also a mitochondrial activity requires high levels of MANGANESE.

The basic energy levels needed during these types of sport come from fats and also glucides that utilize CHROMIUM for metabolism regulation.


ALLVIT FITNESS is another product belonging to this brand, designed for multidisciplinary sports with the objective of obtaining muscular tonicity and maintaining fat mass control. To reach this objective, vitamin D doses have been increased since this vitamin stimulates hormone release and is also responsible for muscle tone maintenance.

Similarly ZINC is one of the main minerals responsible for the endogenous production of testosterone which optimizes strength and recovery. When the body is tired this important hormone decreases noticeably but zinc counterbalances these effects.

Nutrient levels within muscles are sustained by NIACIN a vitamin that facilitates the vasodilatation and that increases blood flow.

ALLVIT FITNESS has significant levels of CHROMIUM, a mineral essential in regulating and maintaining fat mass thanks to its glucose tolerance.


A third product is ALLVIT STOP&GO designed for all those who practice sports with repetitive movements, acceleration, deceleration and brief stops only to start sprinting again. During these activities the body produces high levels of lactic acid.

This brings not only muscular but also nerve stress. VITAMIN B6 is essential in regulating energy levels that require A.T.P.; vitamin B6 is also important in supporting the nervous system.

VITAMIN C, not only regulates the production of cortisol hormones but is also one of the most important vitamins capable to disperse lactic acid and known for its cellular antioxidant properties.

KE FORMA views ALL VIT products as ideal supplements for those who practice sports. Also, for the first time each athlete will be able to find personalized solutions.

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